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Our Past Dandies ...

BISS Ch Glahms Odepus Rex

Best In Specialty Show 1996 Judge: Mr. Max Madger
Number One Dandie Dinmont Terrier 1995 & 1996.
Rex sadly passed away on February 12th 2008.

BISS Champion Glahms King Albert
Best In Specialty Show 2000
Number One Dandie Dinmont Terrier 2000
Co-owned with Ms. M. Macbeth
Albear has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge.

Ch Glahms Queen Ann's Lace
June 4, 1993 - October 1, 2005

     When we think about the ones we love and that have passed away we tend to think about what they have accomplished. Yes Hailey has made her mark in the breeding program with 11 puppies in three litters. And she did achieve her championship in just a few shows. But that's not what I remember most about her.

     I remember a bossy girl that ruled our home and kept the others in line. Never really demanding but always wanting to be first. She knew her place and it was always the number 1 dog. Brave, outgoing and loving at the same time. She loved her human family and I could trust her with anyone.

     There are still times when I think I see her sitting in front of the patio doors waiting to be let in. I have even started to walk towards the door to let her in, realizing halfway there it cant be her and there is no one there. I like to think my blond angel is hanging around to be with her mom. We had a special bond.

     Hailey hated the show ring and would not walk with anyone but her Mom. That is how I got started showing my dogs, by necessity. Everything that we have accomplished started with
this single sweet little girl.

Ch Dandiville's Petite Pattapouff
Evie is now living in Calgary with her new family.

Group Winning Ch. Glahms Tess of The Dandivilles
Tess is now living with Evie in Calgary.

One of our Dandie Litters + sire and mother